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Ladies Professional Golf Association is one of the longest-running women's professional sports associations in the world.

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At Hillendale, our professional club fitting staff will work very hard to determine your golfing needs. We are Authorized Club Fitters for Ping, Titleist, Cobra, Nike, Adams and Tour Edge. All of these companies offer the best quality and services on the market today. 

Ping has the most to offer for golfers of all abilities. With the #1 iron, driver, fairway woods and putters, Ping, the leader in technology has the best club fitting program in the business. Their fast service is the best in the industry, shipping within 48 hours, Fed Ex, three day select, so your clubs are in your hands in 5 business days. 

Titleist and Nike continue to sell the best the golf industry has to offer, with superior technology and innovations. The latest technology in shafts, materials and design are sure to make these clubs winners for golfers of all abilities.

Tour Edge is the company we go to for most of our custom club business. They offer the best quality golf clubs for the money on the market today, with clubs at all price levels for all ages and genders. No other company offers a custom fit club at the price range that Tour Edge does.

Because Hillendale specializes in beginners, Tour Edge gives us confidence to fit almost anyone at an affordable price, to help give the new comer to the game the ability to learn better with a set that is right for them and at the same time not have to mortgage their house to get started. A "win-win" combination.

We feel these companies all compliment each other quite well and we are so confident in our products and ability to satisfy you, our lie angle club fittings are free of charge. 

To make an appointment for a fitting please call the Golf Shop at
(607) 273-2363 or just come in and demo any of these fine product at your convenience.

Click on the logo below to view product offerings from our vendors. We stock a number of these items in our pro shop. If we don't have it in stock, we will be glad to order it for you. For prices visit our pro shop or call (607) 273-2363.


Personal Club Fitting

The Importance of Properly fitted clubs

Loft Angle
Lie Angle
Club Length

Hillendale´s Club Fitting
Shaft Flex


The game of golf is more complex than it appears.  It takes practice, repeated
play, professional instruction, as well as a positive attitude to excel in the game
of golf.  One of the most important factors that affects your golf game is properly
fitted clubs. Clubs that do not fit properly can affect your swing, stance, attitude, and your score.

This section will help you identify problems in your golf game that may be related to your golf clubs not being properly fitted.

There are several variables to take into account when you analyze how you are hitting:  trajectory, distance, spin, roll, direction, solidness of feel, and consistency.  Club characteristics that affect these variables are lie angle, loft angle, club length, club head speed, shaft flex, as well as swing tempo.
These characteristics vary from player to player because each person has a different swing style.


The ball's trajectory is the course it takes as it leaves the club face, rises to the apex of its flight, and descends to the ground.  A high trajectory will result in less distance, less roll, and greater backspin. Whereas a low trajectory reaches a greater distance with more roll and less backspin.  Although it may appear that a low trajectory hit is what you wish to accomplish, these types of hits are often very difficult to control.

The loft angle of your clubs will determine the trajectory height achieved.  Your #9 iron has a much greater loft angle than a #3 iron and therefore will reach a shorter distance, but will be more accurate.


Direction of your hit is determined by the lie angle of the clubs.  The lie angle is the angle created between the shaft of the club and the ground when the sole of the club head is flat along the ground.  At this point the club face will meet the ball square to the target at impact, and the ball will travel in a straight line.  If the toe of the club head is raised off the ground this will create a lie angle that is too upright and the ball will be directed to the left (for right handers).  Conversely, if the heel is raised it will create a lie angle which is too flat and the ball will travel to the right.  Also an improper lie angle in combination with the loft angle causes the backspin of the ball to be transformed to a sidespin.  The sidespin occurs in the direction of the ball's flight (counterclockwise or clockwise), thus the infamous hook and slice.

The lie angle should be observed during the swing because the shaft of the club bends and flexes to meet the ball differently than at initial address.  Due to centrifugal forces a club will flatten its lie angle during the swing.


By rule, the longer the club length the harder it is to control the ball's distance and direction.  Therefore the length of your clubs should accommodate your playing ability, swing characteristics, and club head speed.  You will end up with the longest possible club length which allows you to hit the ball in the center of the club face, with good directional control, proper trajectory, solidness of feel, and maximum distance.

During a club fitting the professional clubfitter will use a special decal on the club face to determine your hitting pattern at a  specific club length.  The ball impact locations should appear in the center of the club face when using a proper club length.  If the impacts are near the toe of the club head, the club length is too long; too near the heel and the club length is too short.  Inconsistent impact locations denote that the club length is too long and hard to control.


The right shaft flex will translate a player's ability, force, swing speed, and swing tempo into extra club head speed and ensuring the ball will travel in the right direction.  The shaft bends and twists throughout the swing, especially at the transition from backswing to downswing, "loading" it to provide an extra "kick" at impact.  A golfer with a fast swing speed will have less time to load the shaft and therefore would need a stiffer shaft to ensure a proper transfer of energy from the club through the ball.  Swing tempo also plays a part in determining a player's ideal shaft flex.  Swing tempo is different than swing speed in that tempo is the style of swing as opposed to the actual speed of the club head as it approaches the ball.  Swing tempos are characterized from quick to smooth.  A smooth swing tempo appears as an effortless swing, while a quick swing tempo, such as Nick Price's, is a fast and hard swing, with a quick transition from backswing to downswing.  Nick would need a stiffer shaft to accommodate his quick swing tempo.

You should also pay attention to your trajectory while trying out different shafts.  A low trajectory would mean that you need a softer flex, more club torque, lower flex point, or a lighter shaft weight.  A high trajectory would call for a stiffer shaft, decreased club torque, higher flex point, or a heavier weighted shaft.

Be sure to see to you other needs such as a vibration absorption shaft for those with arthritis.


Grips are also very important when it comes to being fitted for a new set of clubs.  Grips effect the feel, distance, and direction of each shot you make.  A grip that is too small will allow your wrists to pronate excessively, pulling your shot to the left.  An extra large grip will prevent your wrists from rotating and tighten up your swing, sending your shot to the right.

To check to see if your grips are the right size set up as if to take a shot.  Then remove your lower hand from the club and rotate your other hand, still holding the club, and note the distance between your two middle fingers and the heel of your hand.  Your fingertips should barely touch the heel of your hand.  If there is more than a 1/8 inch space between your fingertips and the heel of your hand your grip is too large; whereas if your fingers are jammed against your hand your grip is too small.

Grips are usually made from 3 different materials - rubber, cord, or leather.  Cord grips have proven to be the most durable and functional, especially if playing in wet weather.  Leather grips, although may feel better initially, tend to become slick with old age or when playing in the rain.  Grips come generally in two different shapes - round or ribbed.  Ribbed grips help remind the hands where to go when gripping the club.  Round grips are usually used by more experienced players.


At Hillendale, our professional club fitting staff will work very hard to determine what your golfing needs are.  We are Authorized Club Fitters for Ping, Cobra and Tour Edge clubs and putters.  All three of these companies offer the best quality and service on the market.

Ping's G-30 fitting program is superior to any on the market.  They generally ship within 48 hours after the custom order is placed and they ship Federal Express, 3 day select.  The custom clubs are in your hands within 5 days after we place the order. New styles of clubs and orders placed during peak times of the year can take up to 14 days to arrive.

Tour Edge golf has several different models for all price ranges and levels of play.  They ship custom clubs usually within 7 days of the order.

We feel these companies all compliment each other quite well and we are so confident in our products and ability to satisfy you, all of our club fittings are free of charge.

To make an appointment for a fitting please call the Golf Shop at (607) 273-2363 or just come in and demo any of these fine products at your convenience.

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